Prop Hunt Was Temporarily Removed From 'Cold War,' but It'll Be Back

Sara Belcher - Author

Mar. 12 2021, Updated 2:45 p.m. ET

'Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War'
Source: Treyarch Studios

One of the draws to first-person shooter games like the Call of Duty franchise is the multitude of play mode options available to players. Whether you're a longtime fan and own the most recent titles, like Black Ops: Cold War or Modern Warfare, or you're just a fan of the free Warzone option, there are plenty of options to immerse yourself in this shooter.

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Players of Cold War recently logged on to find longtime favorite mode Prop Hunt removed from the play options. What happened to it, and will it be returning?

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What is Prop Hunt mode?

There are a variety of different ways to play Call of Duty with your friends (or just random people on the internet). Prop Hunt is a camouflage hide-and-seek playing mode where two teams compete against each other.

All of the members of one team become various "props" placed around the map, hiding as objects in an effort to evade being shot by the other team, the "hunters."

This mode has been featured in many of the recent Call of Duty titles, including Black Ops 3, World War II, and Modern Warfare.

Players on the prop team transform into a variety of average objects, like a cardboard box, bicycle, trash can, and more. Since they don't have weapons, these players also have the option to shapeshift into a new form when the hunters aren't around, set up decoys, and find new hiding spots.

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If you're a hunter, your goal is to shoot the props around the map until you find all of the hidden players. The props also give off short whistling noises, indicating your distance from the closest prop team member.

The prop team receives points depending on how long they've remained hidden, and a winner is selected when all of the props have been found or the time ends. The first team to win three out of four rounds wins, or a tie can be called.

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What happened to Prop Hunt in 'Cold War'?

Following the March 11 update to Call of Duty: Cold War, many found that the fan-favorite mode had been removed from the play options, disappointing many. Treyarch Studios, the developers of the title, did not publicly comment on its decision to remove the game mode from the game, nor did it answer whether or not it would be returning in future updates.

That being said, it's not likely that Prop Hunt will be absent from Cold War for long.

According to @charlieINTEL, a verified Call of Duty leaks account, the mode will be returning "soon," so expect it in a future update.

Reportedly, the mode will return with the addition of two new maps, Satellite and Miami Strike, giving players new battlegrounds to hide in while they play.

The developers of Call of Duty titles are known for removing modes of play for short periods of time following updates, often in an effort to keep some of the other modes in rotation. Often, the mode returns.

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