FaZe Clan Has Whittled Down to Just 18 Members — Let's Break Down the Reboot

The FaZe Clan roster is short and sweet — with four newcomers taking the spots of those who were kicked out.

Sara Belcher - Author

May 1 2024, Published 6:15 p.m. ET

FaZe Adapt
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Controversial esports group FaZe Clan is about to look a lot different.

If you haven't seen the sheer number of posts from former FaZe Clan members talking about being kicked out or let go from the group, then you probably missed that the brand is going through a massive overhaul.

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"We're cutting all kinds of people. We're cutting the roster down significantly," FaZe Banks said of the group in an interview. "We had something like 140 employees this time last year, I think we have 30 right now. I want to cut that down even further to like 10."

There's a lot of change happening right now, so here's what you need to know about who's in and who's out in FaZe Clan.

Who owns FaZe Clan? FaZe Banks seems in control now.

In October 2023, FaZe Clan was purchased by the gaming analytics and esports company Gamesquare for $17 million, per The Verge. This acquisition was done at a significantly lower price than the group's original valuation just a year prior, placing it at $725 million.

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Lee Trink, FaZe Adapt, and Kai Henry
Source: Getty Images

FaZe Clan former CEO Lee Trink, FaZe Adapt, and Kai Henry

With this acquisition, the group's leadership board also received a significant overhaul. Prior CEO Lee Trink was fired a month before FaZe Clan's recent acquisition. Now, Banks is the company's CEO, Temperrr (real name Thomas Oliveira) will serve as president, and Apex (real name Yousef Abdelfattah) will act as COO.

In a post on Instagram, Banks talked a little bit about reclaiming the company, noting that he was written out of the company just five years after its creation.

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"A part of my history not a lot of people know is the fact that FaZe Clan was legitimately stolen from me. I have never officially been a part of a cap table or ownership. How insane is that?" he shared in an Instagram caption celebrating the beginning of FaZe Clan's reboot.

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"One of the first 'business' guys we worked with (in 2015) wrote me out of the company without my knowledge. I wasn’t reissued my share of the company until right before we went public, only because at that point they legally had to," he continued. "10 years it took. 10 years of stress and anxiety and being fkd around. 10 years of sleepless nights tossing and turning wondering if I’d ever get what was owed to me. 10 years worth of votes, decisions, moves made that I wasn’t apart of and had no say in. I’ve never had a real say in anything FaZe has ever done. How crazy is that?"

So who's still in FaZe Clan? Here's the (small) roster.

Cutting more than 100 employees will significantly reduce the number of creators on a group's roster, so it should come as no surprise that the current FaZe Clan roster is only 18 people long.

"Everyone else is out. That is the roster," Banks tweeted when the list of returning creators was posted on April 27.

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The FaZe Clan roster posted to its website
Source: FaZe Clan

Here's the list of all of the creators currently part of FaZe Clan:

  • Adapt
  • Apex
  • Banks
  • JasonTheWeen
  • Jev
  • Kaysan
  • Lacy
  • Nick Mercs
  • PlaqueboyMax
  • Replays
  • Ronaldo
  • Rug
  • Scope
  • Silky
  • Swagg
  • Temperrr
  • Your_Rage
  • Zoomaa
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At the bottom of the website's roster page, there's a message printed upside down, reading, "You've reached the FaZe reboot page. That's called an error 404. Error: FC: 2010: T013YA13NS11RB11. One or more structural issues were detected that severely compromised your system’s ability to respond to the above error: Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart your company. If you do this, you will lose any unsaved information in all open applications."

Of this list, four members of the roster are new additions to FaZe Clan. JasonTheWeen, Lacy, PlaqueboyMax, and Silky are the newest members, each getting their own introduction video posted to the collective's official X account.

The exact focus of the group has yet to be revealed, though if Banks is to be believed, the brand will have a more singular focus going forward.

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