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Source: Marvel

Female Wolverine Is Still a Thing: X-23 Is Taking the Mantle Again


If you've been following the X-Men comic storyline, you're no doubt familiar with the name X-23. Known for some time now as the replacement "Female Wolverine," she was first introduced back in NYX #3 as a female clone of the original hero, who's since passed away in the comic continuity. For some time, X-23 had to step down from her role, however, because Logan unexpectedly returned to the battlefield. When he came back to resume his role as Wolverine, that left something of a dilemma. 

X-23, whose real name is Laura Kinney, had taken on the Wolverine name in Logan's honor. But with him back in the saddle as Wolverine, that had comic book fans wondering what would happen to her new role as a result. In the end, she simply became X-23 again.