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Source: fox

These Are the Characters Who Die in 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' (SPOILERS)


Who dies in Dark Phoenix, the latest X-Men film to come out of Fox studios? It was made very clear in the build-up to the movie that at least one major character was going to perish, and as it turns out, there was more carnage to be had before Marvel studios takes over the franchise for good.

A lot has been said about the film, and most of it isn't positive.

The death and destruction in Dark Phoenix has been called gratuitous by some critics, but it should have been expected. Jean Grey has "gone rogue" in previous X-Men movies, and anyone who's watched the worse-than-you-remember '90s cartoon or read the comics knows just how brutal the possessed psychic can be.

That brutality extends to some of her fellow X-Men in the comics and in the film as well. (WARNING! There are massive spoilers ahead!)