'Final Fantasy 7 Remake' Airbuster Fight Requires You to Make Important Choices


Feb. 5 2021, Updated 1:51 p.m. ET

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Source: Square Enix

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is an intriguing reimagining of the classic RPG. In many ways, it's totally different than its predecessor. In others, it's a similar affair that fans will recognize through and through. Some of its boss encounters are exemplary of the major differences between the two games. One iconic boss fight that's in both games, the Airbuster, is much different than the PlayStation original. In fact, there are a few important choices you must make before facing the enemy this time. 

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You're in for a massive challenge when you face off against Airbuster this time around in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. When you get to the "Sentenced to Death" mission in Chapter 7, there are several ways you can actually make the battle easier for yourself. That's where a few important choices come in. We've got everything you need to know about what to do during this challenging encounter if you want your party to make it out alive. Pay attention and you'll come out on top. 

Source: Square Enix
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'Final Fantasy 7 Remake' Airbuster battle: Which choices should you make?

You can dispose different parts of the Airbuster throughout a variety of consoles: M Units, AI Programming Cores, and Big Bombers. M Units will give you additional items ahead of your battle: Hi-Potions, Phoenix Downs, and Ethers. AI Programming Cores will keep the Airbuster from performing stun attacks and you can sell the cores for 500 Gil apiece. Disposing of Big Bombers will force the Airbuster to skip that attack and let you use special bombs during the battle. 

You need to find a keycard in each area before you can dispose of any of the different components, however, each of which is "hidden" in plain sight near every console. You will not have enough keycards to get rid of all of the components that you'll need to dispose of, so that's why you need to be strategic in your approach. Choose the units you think having a dearth of will benefit you the most. There is no right or wrong answer here, as long as you come out on top in the battle. 

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Source: Square Enix

Our suggestion is to go ahead and spend the keycards you do end up finding on Big Bomber and Programming Core disposal. M Units don't really help that much in the end, and you may already be well-stocked on the items they let you pick up. This is the optimal setup if you want to make the boss encounter a breeze, so dispose of these units with the cards that you find and see how the battle goes from there. You should be good to go. 

The rest of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is filled with equally challenging encounters, so be sure to make the important strategic decisions when faced with them. If you do, you'll be sure to come out on top...even if it takes you a few times to succeed, you'll be an awesome member of Avalanche in no time!

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