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Source: Square Enix

New 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' Screens Show Off Chocobo and Moogle Team-Ups


The classic RPG Final Fantasy VII is about to be reborn in March, when the Final Fantasy VII Remake finally touches down. We've seen bit by bit of the magical reinvention of the seminal role-playing title here and there, but recently we got another injection of awesome by way of some new images and tidbits. Among the images were a sneak peek at two familiar mascot characters as well as information from an official blog post noting that there will be new faces coming to the game soon enough. 

Yes, new Final Fantasy VII Remake screenshots show off chocobos and moogles.

If you were concerned you wouldn't see the flaxen feathered friends known as chocobos or the teddy bear-like moogles in Final Fantasy VII Remake, rest assured. Square Enix debuted a few screenshots that showed off just how adorable the two creatures can truly be. They're mascots that have been mainstays throughout Final Fantasy, so of course they're making a triumphant return in this entry. And just look at how cute they are!