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Source: epic games

"Fortnite" Is so Annoying That People Are Now Getting Divorced Over It

By Mustafa Gatollari

Every few years, there's always one game that becomes a worldwide phenomenon, with seemingly everyone, including Josh from accounting, unable to shut up about it.

Right now, Fortnite is that game. People are constantly logging into the online tracker to check their stats, or finding out when the latest "season" is up, and what new challenges are available. There's a ton of conversation and memes surrounding the game outside of just the gameplay, too. It's expanded to multiple platforms, even iOS and Android.

And just like most "craze games," people inevitably develop addictions to playing, so much so that it becomes a huge part of their lives. And it seems that some relationships can't handle the strain of the new Fortnite addiction, because there have already been over 200 divorce proceedings that mention the game in their claims in the United Kingdom alone.