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Source: Square Enix

Fans Are Going Crazy Over 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' Demo Leaks


Fans across the world have been anxiously awaiting the official release of Final Fantasy VII Remake ever since it was first announced. When news broke of a possible demo releasing via the PlayStation Store at some point in the future, fans were positively rabid with anticipation. In fact, users with hacked consoles went to work immediately looking for the demo on Sony's servers, downloading it in its entirety and posting assets online for everyone to see. Unfortunately, that means spoilers.

Within hours, nearly the entirety of the demo was online for players to sift through, as well as plenty of screenshots and other tidbits of information about the game, which isn't set to debut for PlayStation 4 until March 3, 2020. While Square Enix has yet to confirm a date for the demo just yet, info that would be revealed during the demo is out in the wild now. If you want to see a few leaks from the game, look no further. 

Warning: Spoilers for Final Fantasy VII Remake may be seen below.