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'Final Fantasy 7 Remake' Lost Friends Guide — Bring All the Furry Friends Home



It's finally here! It feels like it's been an entire lifetime (maybe two!) but Final Fantasy 7 Remake is officially out and in the hands of eager gamers across the globe. That means players have been exploring every corner of Midgar as the day's gone on. During that time, they've swept the slums for goodies, met up with Tifa and Aerith, and done other fun stuff. But there's one quest that players may well need some help with: finding some "lost friends." Luckily, we've got the answers for you.

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The Final Fantasy 7 remake Lost Friends quest is just one that you'll find throughout the game's Sector 7 slums as you work to advance the plot and eventually come face to face with the game's main threat: the Shinra corporation. Finding all these so-called "friends" throughout the mission is pretty simple, though. We've got your back if you can't figure out where to go next since this is a required part of the game to complete. Besides, everyone loves their furry friends. 

Source: Square Enix
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Here's how to find all of the cats in the 'Final Fantasy 7 Remake' Lost Friends quest.

As you may have already guessed, the "friends" that are lost are actually cats. You'll need to find three white cats with pink collars for a little girl named Betty. This is pretty simple to do, but you've got to start looking around the entire part of the Sector 7 slums. After accepting Betty's quest, head over to the north side of the slums where you can find a metal beam on a porch. Interact with the cat. One cat down! Now, you've got two more to go, but they're pretty easy to find. 

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Next, head over to where Tifa's Seventh Heaven bar is located. Investigate the stairs right before you go into the bar. You won't be able to miss the adorable white cat waiting there for you. Once you interact with it, like the others, it will go away. Now, you only have one more cat until you've completed Betty's quest. Time to head out. 

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This cat is a little trickier to find. Head over to the Beginner's Hall, where you'll see a woman in front of the building. Tifa will start calling for the cat to come out, and the woman will speak to you — it turns out the cat, mischievous little thing, stole her snack. You should see a larger tube-shaped area. Enter it, and you'll see the white cat. Interact with it, and you're done! 

Now, all you have to do is head back to the little girl Betty, who is now surrounded by the white cats. Talk to her, and she'll give you your proper reward. Who knew Cloud was such a cat whisperer all this time? Time to start off on the next quest, which will undoubtedly be far more difficult than hanging out with fluffy little kitties all day and finding them for a little girl. 

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