TikTok's Latest Viral Sensation Is a Floating Broom Connected to Nothing


Nov. 5 2021, Published 10:40 a.m. ET

Thanks to its glut of wonderful users, TikTok is home to some of the funniest and strangest videos on the internet. Sometimes, though, a video goes viral that seems to defy explanation altogether. When a TikTok user named Lucca who goes by the handle @theonenamedlucca on the platform shared a video of what appears to be a broom floating in the sky, many TikTok users were understandably confused.

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Is the floating broom on TikTok real?

In the video Lucca shared, we see him stop his car and zoom in through the windshield to show what appears to be a hay broom that resembles those typically used by witches floating in the sky. Not only is it floating, it appears to be roughly 40 feet off the ground, sitting in the sky perfectly still. Lucca then gets out of the car to get a closer look at the broom.

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Lucca's video says that he was out making deliveries when he saw the broom, and he has also posted several follow-up videos in which he claims that the broom was real and that he didn't do anything to edit the original video he posted. It's impossible to say for sure if the floating broom is real, but it certainly catches your attention, which is why Lucca's video has already racked up more than 5 million views.

Lucca didn't expect the video to go viral.

In a follow-up video, Lucca explained that he was with another person when they both saw the broom, and that he thought that the broom might be a "glitch in the matrix." In response to the video, users have flocked to the comment section to offer theories about what might explain it, or just express their amazement at how strange the video is.

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“Was convinced it was just something stuck on his windshield, then homie hopped out the car," one person wrote.

“Where would the wire be connected to???? The Ozone????” another asked after some users suggested that the broom might be tied to something.

It's possible that there's a totally rational explanation for this video, but many TikTok commenters aren't satisfied with the explanations they've heard thus far.

Source: TikTok
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Some users were also super upset that witches appeared to be real, and they'd been left out of the loop.

"I swear if Hogwarts is actually real and I didn't get my letter I'm going to be ANGRY," one person wrote.

Another joked that the witch had put the broom in park to run some errands, but that she would be back for it soon.

Even something as strange and seemingly unexplainable as this only elicits jokes from many users on TikTok. The world just keeps getting weirder. It seems like there are maybe aliens, and now there are witches too. Most users met this news with nothing more than a shrug. After all, it's not any crazier than everything else in the news on a daily basis. Magic is real? Sure, why not.

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