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Take a Walk Down Memory Lane With These Forgotten Celebrity Scandals


Look, being a celebrity comes with its own set of complications. But you can't blame us for getting a kick out of the scandals and controversies surrounding the rich and famous. It's a tradition as old as time! Famous people might be people, but they're also famous. And if you're famous, you have to be extra careful about the way you conduct yourself because your actions are constantly under a microscope.

There have been so many celebrity scandals, even just in recent history, that it can be hard to remember all the really juicy ones. That's where this Twitter thread comes in handy.

Source: Twitter

Twitter user @Hunty_dumpty posed the question and started us off with that one time Justin Bieber went to the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam, where she had lived and hid before being carted off to a concentration camp during the Holocaust and said that he hoped "she would have been a belieber." This was way back in 2013 when stories of this magnitude would have remained in the news cycle for more than 30 seconds.