This 'Fortnite' Glitch Leaves the Shockwave Hammer Overpowered

Players have found a way to infinitely use the new Shockwave Hammer in Chapter 4 of 'Fortnite.' Here's how to use the glitch before its patched.

Sara Belcher - Author

Jan. 6 2023, Updated 6:18 p.m. ET

Though developer Epic Games has a good track record of keeping the popular battle royale game Fortnite running smoothly with few problems, players still find various glitches to exploit during their matches.

In Chapter 4 of the online multiplayer game, players have found a glitch involving the Shockwave Hammer, a utility item that can take down both enemies and structures.

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The hammer, which was introduced at the start of Season 1 of the new chapter, deals 75 damage to enemies when struck, while also packing 400 damage in a blow to structures. Because of this, players have been able to barrel down whatever is in their path with ease.

Because of how powerful this weapon can be, the developers gave it a cooldown time of 20 seconds after using it four consecutive times, but players have found a glitch to let you use it infinitely.

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How to use the infinite hammer glitch in 'Fortnite.'

Once you've obtained the Shockwave Hammer, it's incredibly easy to exploit its power.

While holding the Shockwave Hammer, you'll want to navigate to a body of water. Jump off of either a platform or another building into the water and attack the water with the hammer. You should be launched into the air, and when you come down onto ground, you'll want to strike the ground again.

You can keep doing this to travel long distances quickly, as you'll bounce high into the air and be able to cover more ground than you traditionally would be able to running from location to location. Typically, the Shockwave Hammer will run out of stamina after four hits, but this glitch allows you to continue well past this.

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This glitch has been in Fortnite for a little while now, but it's likely the developers will soon release a patch that stops it from being so overpowered. Some fans have complained that the glitch is more cumbersome than helpful, as it leaves the weapon overpowered and puts many other players at a disadvantage. That being said, until Epic Games makes the decision to patch it, feel free to take advantage of this glitch in your matches to better your own play.

Where to get the Shockwave Hammer in 'Fortnite.'

Unfortunately, there's no singular location where you'd guaranteed to find the Shockwave Hammer in Fortnite, as it could spawn in most loot drops around the map throughout a game. That being said, if you happen to find an Oathbound Chest, it's guaranteed that the hammer will be inside.

There are no specific spawn points for the Oathbound Chests, so again, you'll have to canvas the map if you want to find this utility item to use in your next match, but look for it before this glitch is patched.

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