The "Fully Conscious Baby" Is a Four Seasons Regular — Is She Their New CEO?

Some babies cry. Others crawl. And some speak fully consciously en route to becoming CEOs, like the Four Seasons Orlando's smallest fan.

Jamie Lerner - Author

May 22 2024, Published 11:11 a.m. ET

Baby fever is real, and it seems like the whole internet has it after a video of an adorable 13-month-old went viral on TikTok. In the video, a mom asks her family, “Who wants to go to the Four Seasons Orlando?” and the baby and her toddler sister eagerly respond, “Me!” while raising their hands. The baby seems eerily conscious for someone so young and yet, her wiseness beyond her years is what captured the hearts of the internet — and the Four Seasons.

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With over 41 million views and 5.2 million likes, the video is one of those that seemingly everyone can get behind — it’s funny, surprising, adorable, and even unsettling. It creates a concoction of emotions we didn’t even know possible as a viewer response. Naturally, the Four Seasons even responded, making this story bigger than the family could have possibly imagined.

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A “conscious” baby went viral for wanting to go to the Four Seasons Orlando.

The video was first shared by the baby’s aunt, Stefanie O’Brien, with the caption, “If the Four Seasons Hotel is looking for a baby ambassador, my niece got you,” and some laughing emojis. All videos of babies tend to be hilarious and adorable, but there are a few things that set this one apart from the rest. The first is its 8-second timestamp, making it possible to watch over and over again, reveling in the baby’s surprising response.

The second, of course, is the fact that a very young baby seems to have the eyes of a wise old man and the consciousness of someone far beyond her age. She raises her hand with one finger when responding to her mother’s question, evoking the persona of a buyer at an auction. She waits until the question is asked, proving some sort of comprehension, and eagerly says “Me!” with a semblance of authority as her dad holds her, wearing nothing but a diaper.

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The contrast between her apparent intelligence and awareness with her infantile look is what makes the video both unsettling and lovable. We can’t stop watching it! Naturally, the Four Seasons responded with their own stitched video and even responded to requests from major media outlets as to how they’re handling the newfound attention.

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The Four Seasons is working to make the family’s next visit “unforgettable.”

While commenters have suggested the Four Seasons give the conscious baby’s family a comped stay for the extra coverage and attention, they haven’t confirmed if that’s the case. They have, however, told Rolling Stone, “Our Orlando property has seen a healthy increase in engagement and growth on their social channels and we have our smallest fan to thank!”

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They added, “Right now, we’re focused on making their upcoming stay unforgettable.” The family is a regular visitor to the Four Seasons, the baby’s family shared.

The parents, Bailey and Will Wise, however, never expected the attention. They don’t share much on social media, but when Bailey’s sister, Stefanie O’Brien, shared it, it garnered attention almost immediately.

The baby, Kate, and her 4-year-old sister, Madelyn, are used to going to the Four Seasons because when the Wises were building a house in the Tampa area, they would often take the kids to a hotel to make the process easier. “My husband and I have the mentality of work hard, and play hard,” she told Rolling Stone. “And there were some fun Florida resident rates. So we thought, why not?”

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While viewers thought that Kate may not have known what she was volunteering for, Bailey insists that her daughters are fully aware of what the Four Seasons is. “It’s funny because she is only one. But we show her pictures when we’re getting ready to go somewhere and we try to engage our kids, to see what their reaction is. When Kate sees her sister excited, she picks up on it. But she has her own opinions too. So I believe she knew exactly what we were talking about.”

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People were so impressed with Kate’s language skills that they started spoofing the video with their own AI-generated stitches.

The comment section of the OG video garnered some gold, between comments such as, “[She] had to shake her arm at the end to reinforce the illusion that she’s just an unaware baby,” and “I think the baby is in charge of the family finances.”

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On the Four Seasons’ video, one person commented, “Make her your CEO,” to which the Four Seasons replied, “She already is.” Another wrote, “Let that baby work the front desk. She’s too aware.” While Kate may have developed language skills slightly ahead of other babies, most babies can say “yes,” “no,” and other simple phrases between 12–18 months old. Even still, her clear awareness led to some hilarious AI-spoof videos.

People are calling Kate the “fully conscious baby” and some have edited in AI of the baby saying very complicated phrases, such as, “Dearest mother, oh how the heart yearns to impart upon thee the magnificence and splendor that is the Four Seasons …” and “Not fond of drinking, but when I go at it, I go at it very hard,” to make light of Kate’s consciousness.

So cheers to the most “advanced” and “conscious” baby in the world!

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