"$8 Is So Cheap" — Bartender Explains Why "Overpriced" Bar Pizzas Are Actually a Good Deal

In a viral post, a woman who works as a bartender shared that frozen bar pizza is actually cheap compared to other opinions. Details here.

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Aug. 21 2023, Published 2:42 p.m. ET

The prices of food and drinks in a bar have long been a hot topic. Depending on your bar of choice, it’s typical for mixed drinks to range from $9 to $20. Given the boost in liquor prices, along with the cost of running a bar, it makes sense that the price of drinks has increased.

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That said, bars typically offer appetizers or bites — from pizza to wings — to generate more business. And since the cost of living has gone up, the price of food has also increased. However, one TikTok user shared a video explaining that frozen bar pizza is cheap, so patrons shouldn’t complain about it. Here’s the rundown.

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A woman on TikTok shared that frozen bar pizza is cheap.

It’s one thing to be frugal; it’s another to be plain ole’ cheap. In a June 24, 2023, TikTok video, creator Michelle Charlotte Bartender (@michellebellexo) shared her sentiments about frozen bar pizza being cheap although customers complain about it in a response to a user.

“What’s actually crazy is the number of people in the comments thinking $8 is way too expensive for a frozen pizza, but they have no problem paying $8 for a single Tito’s and soda,” the video caption reads.

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This all started due to Michelle sharing a skit in a previous post about a patron asking for a pizza and being quite indecisive about what they wanted. A user then shared that the bar charging $8 for pizza is a bit too much.

In a response video, Michelle went into the specifics and said that the bar should actually charge more for pizza.

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Michelle shared screenshots showing that there are liquor markups ranging from 400 percent to 500 percent. She proceeded to break down the cost of a bottle of liquor, assessing the price of shots and how much it costs the bar to offer the drink.

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Michelle then went into detail about food markups in the bar business and lists it as 300 percent.

“So whatever the food item is should be priced three times higher than what it costs for the business to have that food,” Michelle said.

Michelle explained that the bar she works at gets their pizza, Jack’s Pizza, from Walmart. She showed screenshots of the price — $3.86 — on Walmart’s site and broke down why the bar should charge more.

“So we’re just going to say it costs $4 for the bar to have pizza,” Michelle said. “So really, we should be charging $12 for these pizzas and I know people would pay for them. Drunk people do not care.”

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Michelle explained that the owners aren't up-charging since they aren't trying to make money off the food. They simply want to have something that customers can eat.

She ended the video by telling people if they think $8 for pizza is too much, then don’t buy it.

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TikTok users agree with Michelle’s assessment of the frozen pizzas.

Truth be told, some folks would prefer to not buy certain things or prefer a cheaper price point. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that someone protested a whole pizza being sold for $8.

TikTok users agree with Michelle since the price of pizza varies, especially if you purchase it from a pizza joint or chain restaurant.

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“$8 for a whole pizza and people are mad. Dominos, Pizza Hut, etc are at the lowest $10 to $20 per pizza,” one person said.

“The fact that people complain about restaurants being more expensive than buying it from the store is flabbergasting,” another user shared.

“The fact people don't know this IS AMAZING to me! LOL,” another person said.

Given all the factors Michelle shared, it’s understandable why the bar she works at charges $8 per pizza. So, it’s safe to say people need to look at the bigger picture before complaining about pricing.

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