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These Troll Responses to Wrong Number Texts Had Hilarious Results



With the advent of smartphones that can usually tell you who's calling you at any given moment, even if they're not in your contact list, it's kind of difficult to believe that anyone has a "wrong number" conversation anymore. Back in the days of phones being limited to a single room in the house when you'd have to manually input a phone number, it's more believable. But apparently, people are not only still calling wrong numbers, but texting them.

I'm going to assume that if you're texting the "wrong number" then you're probably not the sharpest tool in the shed, or maybe you were given someone else's digits purposely because you were being a creep in a bar, or trying to solicit someone on the street to buy a Hello Fresh subscription.

Whatever the reason, it turns out that it's still happening, and there are plenty of folks out there who are more than willing to turn the accident into a wonderful opportunity to troll.

And troll they do.

Like when Chloe Robinson received a message from a stranger asking her what the answers to the test were. She thought it'd be a good idea to randomly give multiple choice answers, not knowing who the individual on the other line was. If you think that's messed up, just think about it: she's not going to do any worse than this desperate student just randomly guessing.

Sometimes, people play along.

Like this Twitter user who got a random message from a "Ryan." Ryan was befuddled at first, but then joined in on the fun, as you can see in the follow-up texts below. Ultimately, the wrong-text recipient felt bad for "leading" Ryan on and let him know he wasn't talking to "Liz" but a troll.

Sometimes the trolls don't even realize they're trolling.

Like Chris Davis who decided to turn a wrong number text into showing a stranger a nice photo of your family and "shooting your shot for Jesus." Imagine being given a sermon after accidentally messaging the wrong person.

Could this be who Ryan was supposed to get in touch with?!

Twitter user Aarika's sister convinced Ryan that someone they knew had developed a taste for magic mushrooms and then...well...that they had feelings for them. Only problem is, the dude didn't return those feelings. Again, at least the troll let the cat out of the bag at the end.

Then there was this thread that got a bit... crazy.

I'll leave out the second tweet here for very uhhh...nudity-related reasons, but then the wrong number texter wouldn't leave Cory Graham alone, and the guy ended up getting more than he bargained for. I don't think I'd want to FaceTime with someone who just sent me a photo like that...must've been a case where someone doled out the wrong number at a club or something.

This guy must have the coolest realtor ever.

They were completely unfazed by the prospect of checking out a new property that had "roaches everywhere." Either that or he found a great deal in the greater NY metropolitan area where rent and the cost of ownership is absolutely bananas.

There are some texts you just can't have a response to.

It's dangerous to try and troll someone like this. They clearly have no shame in talking about any topic at any given time. Best not to engage at all.

Causing some parental worry.

You can tell that they're freaking out from the sheer number of question marks they threw up in response. Classic.

When you accidentally text a priest.

Or maybe it was just a brilliant cover story on the Father's behalf? Sadly, there are no more posted screenshots of the conversation for us to get to the bottom of this saucy convo.

James Charles doesn't know how to have fun with wrong number texts.

But he really did receive quite possibly the cutest one of all time. I wish I had curtains-themed texts from strangers...life stinks.

Nothing like striking a little fear into their hearts.

The "We still coming." is so ominous, yet succinct. 

Bonus points for incorporating horrifying pictures.

Hopefully they don't know how to reverse Google image search or try and take it from a few scrolls down. No one ever checks that low anyway.

You gotta speak the lingo, too.

Like @HashtagHarris managed to pull off with this obvious Frat-bro-esque individual who was throwing a party. You always have to give it up for someone who provides updates on said conversations, as well, along with the fact that they were able to get this dude to send a photo of themselves. So perfect.

As for the conclusion...well...bless his heart.

Ultimately though, the frat bro ended up having a pretty good sense of humor about the entire thing...even if does seem denser than a 1,000-year-old oak tree for believing / hoping the party was still on.

And then there are the texts that open the floodgates of emotion.

Be careful what you wish for! When it comes to trolling wrong number texts though, the longer you can get the person to think they're messaging someone they're not, the more you win.

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