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Source: Twitter

Who Is Gabi Butler on Netflix's 'Cheer'? Get to Know the Cheerleader Extraordinaire


Looking for something new and exciting to watch? You might want to carve out some time for Netflix's latest docuseries Cheer, which follows a group of cheerleaders working to prepare for the 2018 NCA College Nationals in Daytona – basically, the holy grail of the cheer circuit – to claim their 14th win  It's every bit as intense as watching a football or basketball documentary, except it's all about cheerleading. That might be up your alley and you don't even realize it. 

It's a breathless portrait of the world of professional cheerleading, and there's one star in particular on the show you may recognize from YouTube: Gabi Butler. She's an important part of the team and one of the most compelling parts of the docuseries. Unfamiliar with her and her accomplishments or just want to learn a little more about her? Here's everything you need to know about Gabi and her past.