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Source: getty

Gamestop Is Closing Its Doors and Honestly It's About Time


I met some of the coolest people ever at my local Gamestop, which is super ironic because, and you'll know this if you worked there too: it's one of the most god-awful retailers I've ever had the displeasure of being employed by. They didn't issue physical paychecks to employees (either direct deposit or one of their weird, cash cards) and their stores were always a huge mess. It made me wonder why all of their stores weren't actively closing.

They had this weird company policy where the number of game boxes on the floor of the store had to reflect their inventory. So while all of the actual, new games were held in cases in the back, or used ones in sleeves behind the counter, it meant that tons of game boxes just cluttered the entire store. This usually meant that once a year, there'd be entire bins of last year's Madden or NBA 2k-whatever that would flood the middle of the location.