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21 Employees Reveal the Dirty Secrets of Their Industries That Are Just Insane

By Mustafa Gatollari

Every profession has its line of "dirty little secrets" that aren't all that secret. Like everyone knows GameStop intentionally tries to shill used games on people because the profit margins on trade-ins are huge.

Then there's the world of consumer tech: tons of smartphone manufacturers intentionally push out software updates and design their devices to become "obsolete" after a two- or three-year cycle so you can keep spending $600 every couple of years on a new phone, even though the one you have could technically run fine for much longer.

A recent AskReddit post had employees from a bunch of industries come together to share their down dirty little secrets, and some of them sound downright criminal.

1. Surgeons use older techniques out of "comfort."

Source: nbc
I'm not sure if this is a "little" secret, but many/most surgeons will prefer older and worse techniques to newer and better ones. Not that newer is always better, but there are still a frightening number of surgeons who haven't learned minimally invasive techniques or their hospital hasn't moved to computer assisted surgical equipment.
If you're going to get a surgery it is often better to specifically travel to a place with a "better" doctor in the field, if only because their hospital is more likely to have updated equipment and the surgeon has usually been trained better.
Beyond that, anytime you can be filmed during surgery, for medical education or any reason, elect to do so. When a surgeon is being filmed it's more likely they'll double and triple check their work and follow the procedure more avidly (many end up using shortcuts when not filmed.)

- IAmASolipsist