An Internet Prank Backfired and Got This GameStop Employee Fired

A content creator tried to pull a prank on a GameStop employee, but all they managed to do was get them fired. Now, he's started a GoFundMe.

Jon Bitner - Author

Aug. 21 2023, Published 2:58 p.m. ET

A GameStop employee seems to have been fired from his job after a TikTok prank went awry. It all started when a customer came into the shop attempting to sell a fictional game called “Cousin Kisser: The Game” on PS2, but as he was filming, a person walked in front of the camera.

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From there, things quickly spiral out of control, as the person blocking the camera is doing so on purpose.

“I’m definitely not intentionally blocking you from filming employees without their consent,” she said.

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The person involved in the video, Seth Meiring, says he was just trying to film a “funny video,” before laughing and tossing in “thanks for ruining it though, that was cool.”

Seth later goes on to say “She’s definitely a cousin kisser, for sure.”

Meanwhile, the GameStop employee is doing his best to mind his own business and awkwardly laughs at a few jokes. However, a follow-up video shows the employee telling the camera that the incident cost them their job.

It’s unclear exactly why he was fired, as the vast majority of the interaction was led by Seth Meiring, with the employee a simple bystander.

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Many viewers chimed in with their own takes, saying there was no reason for him to lose his job.

“Bro, all he did was laugh and he got fired?” wrote one viewer. Another said that “he deserves a better job than that place anyway,” while another still blames the person blocking the camera for getting him fired.

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“Lady pretends to care about the employee then gets him fired.”

Whatever the case, it’s clear that the GameStop employee featured in the video lost his job because of the encounter.

Seth Meiring has started a GoFundMe for the fired employee.

Now, Seth (the person who posted the “prank” online), is crowdfunding for the ex-employee in an attempt to right his wrong, though it's not going as well as he'd hoped.

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“A few weeks ago I was filming a YouTube video in multiple different GameStop stores and one of their employees ended up getting fired because of this,” wrote Seth on the GoFundMe page. “He was by far the coolest and nicest GameStop employee I've ever met, and he definitely did not deserve to be fired. I'm trying to raise some money to help him out!”

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At the time of writing, the campaign has raised just under $800. While most folks think it’s great that Seth is fundraising for the cause, a few are frustrated at the low amount he has brought in so far.

“1K is less than one month rent, that’s actually crazy,” wrote one viewer.

Seth notes that he is yet to donate to the campaign, as he “didn’t want to push it to the goal and then have no one else give anything.” He also notes that he can just give the employee money in real life.

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There is yet to be a response from the employee about the fundraising campaign, and Seth still appears to be uploading videos of GameStop employees despite the firing. In fact, right after Meiring posted the video about the GoFundMe campaign for the fired employee, he posted a similar prank with another employee.

That employee was less than enthused, and when Seth asks him to rate the prank out of 10, the employee simply said “no” and asked him to leave the store.

Here’s hoping no one else loses their job in the name of TikTok views.

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