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Source: A&E

'Alaska PD' Officer Gerrit Butler Is a Former Pro MMA Fighter


It seems like there's no dearth of Alaska-themed reality TV content, but A&E might have a bonafide hit on their hands with Alaska PD. It's no secret that Live PD is the belle of the ball when it comes to cable TV ratings... the program is absolutely killing it for the network. So why wouldn't a series about police officers navigating the criminal world and helping citizens daily in one of America's most remote locations work?

Especially with a person like Gerrit Butler on the show.

Who is Gerrit Butler from Alaska PD?

A Fairbanks police officer who is featured in the first episode, Gerrit is shown bringing down a suspect who clearly has some martial arts training. I guess it helps that Gerrit used to be a former professional mixed martial artist himself.

The officer studied under the famed Eddie Bravo in his 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu school, one of the premier BJJ programs in the world.