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Source: Instagram

Did ASMR Queen Gibi Just Reveal Her Real Name?


Gibi ASMR has been making Autonomous sensory meridian response videos on YouTube since 2016, and while she has amassed a following of over 2 million subscribers, Gibi has stayed pretty under the radar.  

"Gibi ASMR is so mysterious like what is her real name," one her fans tweeted. However, in her latest video, Gibi opened up about her background and ethnicity by unveiling her 23andMe results — but did she accidentally share more than she intended? 

Gibi lets her real name slip in the "Gibi ASMR DNA Test" video. 

While sharing her results — she's 37 percent Italian and 21 percent French and German — subscribers noticed that her real name Gibi Klein was listed on the 23andMe paperwork.

According to her Wiki page, Gibi didn't share her real name in the past "due to privacy reasons." Oops.