YouTuber Slazo Accused of Sexual Assault By Ex-Girlfriend — Read Their DMs

YouTuber Slazo has been accused of abuse by his ex-girlfriend — and his sub count reveals how fans feel about the allegations.

Allison Cacich - Author

Jun. 11 2019, Updated 12:09 p.m. ET

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Can we go one day without a YouTube scandal? Is that too much to ask?! The latest drama hitting the interweb involves Australian teen Slazo, who gained a following on the video-sharing platform by criticizing other YouTubers.

Now, the 19-year-old’s ex-girlfriend is accusing him of sexual assault, and sharing a series of DMs to back up her claims. Here’s what we know about the serious allegations leveled against the social media star.

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The posts detailing Slazo’s alleged abuse are pretty disturbing.

On June 10, a woman named Chey claimed that her one-year relationship with Slazo, who she refers to as Michael, was marred by verbal and sexual abuse.

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Source: TwitLonger
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"Michael was incredibly demanding of sexual favours and would often guilt or force me into situations to which I was not comfortable," Chey, who says the duo dated from 2016 to 2017, wrote on TwitLonger. "If I was to try and deny, or argue against him he would become aggressive."

Chey goes on to say that despite being long-distance — the pair lived three hours away from each other — Slazo managed to isolate her from friends and restricted which of her drawings could be shared on social media. 

"Michael controlled almost every aspect of my life, and I was reduced to thinking I was nothing more than a sex object," she alleges. "I, at that stage attempted to take my own life during that relationship."

At the end of her statement, Chey shares a link to screenshots of the former couple’s conversations. In an exchange from March 2017, Chey tells Slazo she’s upset he touched her after she told him that she wasn’t in the mood. 

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"I still feel bad babe," Slazo responds, "for like wanting to force you to have sex with me. I had the urge." Chey replies, "It’s okay. Everyone has urges, sometimes ones they don’t like." Slazo then says, "It was a pretty strong urge though…"

Later on in the conversation, Slazo makes some alarming admissions. "I had the urge to force myself on you babe. I could have done it. I’m horrified. How are you not scared?" he writes. Later he adds, "I don’t think I’d say I have rape tendencies. I think this is just because we’ve done it and because I’m so horny at 16/17."

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Slazo then tells Chey what to do if she’s ever feeling uncomfortable around him. "If it happens again and you try to put a show on or something, I’ll probably say, 'I won’t be able to focus.' Ignore that. Eventually [the urge will] die down."

Chey explains that she decided to share her story after hearing complaints about Slazo's inappropriate behavior. "I believe people can change and heavily tried to believe and have benefit of the doubt for a long time regarding him and his actions," she says, "but the recent actions and [information] I have heard about I can no longer overlook."

slazo sub count
Source: Instagram

Slazo’s sub count has dipped since the accusations. 

A real-time subscriber count shows that the Aussie’s following has gone down in the wake of Chey’s post. At the time of publication, Slazo had 786,537 subscribers left. The teen has yet to respond to his ex’s claims, but his last tweet ironically celebrated hitting the 800,000-subscriber mark. 

To borrow (and rewrite) a phrase first made famous by Heidi Klum on Project Runway: In the YouTube community, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out. 

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