Watch: A Girl Secretly Hides in Her Best Friend’s Mom’s Car on Their Spring Break Road Trip

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Mar. 31 2023, Published 11:46 a.m. ET

A Girl Hid in Her Friend’s Mom’s Car on a Spring Break Road Trip
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Buckle in — this TikTok saga is a wild ride! On March 18, 2023, TikTok creator @ryyse shared a video of herself hiding in her best friend’s mom’s car to tag along on their spring break road trip. Her friend’s mother had no idea, and Ryse left viewers hanging after posting a clip of herself concealed under a blanket several hours into the journey.

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“When we are [five] hours into my best [friend’s] spring break road trip, and her mom still doesn’t know I’m here,” the TikTok creator wrote in her original video that garnered 14.3 million views. So, what happened after? Here’s how the secret road trip unfolded!

A Girl Hid in Her Friend’s Mom’s Car on a Spring Break Road Trip
Source: Getty Images
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Watch: Girl hides in friend’s mom’s car on a spring break road trip.

Five hours into the trip, Ryse’s friend’s mother didn’t realize another person was in the car. But people in the comment section thought the mom was in on it. “She knows,” one person said. “She’s letting y’all have this moment.” However, the update Ryse posted at the road trip’s halfway point seemingly disproves this theory.

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Once they reached the hotel for the night, Ryse hid in the closet while her best friend’s mom got settled in. Then, when the mother and daughter duo went out for dinner, Ryse moved into the hotel bathroom and slept in the bathtub. “If you are wondering how I ate, my best friend brought me food!” the TikTok creator revealed.

Ryse’s best friend asked viewers on TikTok how they should reveal the secret spring break road trip to her mom.

After spending the night in the hotel’s bathtub, Ryse hopped back in the car and successfully hid for the rest of the ride. In another TikTok video, the creator’s best friend asked viewers to give them suggestions on how to reveal their secret to her mom.

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One person commented, “Just start unloading at the first destination,” adding, “No acting strange.” Another user suggested, “When [you’re] almost there, say, “Do you have gum?”

While the comment section’s suggestions were undoubtedly creative, the end result couldn’t have been more wholesome.

Ryse successfully reached the final destination of the spring break road trip without her best friend’s mom noticing.

The secret spring break road trip was unbelievably thrilling, but the payoff was even better. After spending some time at the final destination’s pool, Ryse and her best friend casually strolled into the mom’s hotel and the TikTok creator asked, “Hey! Do you have any snacks I could eat?” The best friend’s mother was understandably dumbfounded, responding, “What are you doing here?”

And her aunt’s reaction topped her mom’s response. “Who the hell are you?” she asked. Ryse then explained how she hid in her car the entire road trip and her best friend’s mom erupted into a fit of laughter before double-checking to ensure that her parents knew about her whereabouts (they did!).

After receiving confirmation, the group began celebrating Ryse’s ability to spend the entirety of spring break with them. “Mission complete!” the creator wrote in her caption.

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