Viral Adult Star Girthmasterr Talks OF Success and Outdated Industry Stigmas (EXCLUSIVE)

Girthmasterr revealed he makes "between $40,000 and $80,000 a month" on OnlyFans.

Bianca Piazza - Author

May 28 2024, Published 5:27 p.m. ET

Photo of adult content creator Girthmasterr
Source: Caroline Tompkins

Imagine if Dirk Diggler was a gentle giant with a quiet disposition, gingery hair, blue eyes that mimic crystal clear pools ... sorry, we'll quit daydreaming. In late April 2024, a certain 6'6" self-proclaimed himbo from the Land Down Under likely caught your attention on platforms like Twitter (now X) and TikTok.

After being interviewed on the street for a TikTok series by job hunting app Getahead, the mysterious Aussie revealed he makes "between $40,000 and $80,000 a month" as an OnlyFans content creator, noting that he ranks in "the top .1 percent of creators on the platform worldwide."

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Horny internet users of all genders went crazy for the towering OF star, known only as Girthmasterr, and not just because his member measures eight inches long and has a whopping seven-inch-circumference, as per Rolling Stone. (For nosy folks, it's roughly the size of a wine bottle. Ah, investigative journalism.)

It turns out Girthmasterr has some opinions on the treatment of male adult content creators versus female ones. He's a feminist porn star with a refreshing point of view, and the naturally gifted man is aware his remarks about gender and sex work spawned much discourse.

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Headshot of adult content creator Girthmasterr
Source: Courtesy of Girthmasterr

"It's an unexplainable feeling, like hundreds of millions of people kind of interpreting me in their own way and judging me," Girthmasterr exclusively told Distractify, revealing that his viral moment earned him 150,000 additional Twitter followers.

We exclusively spoke with the 30-year-old Australian himbo (whose tweets you've surely bookmarked) about gender discrimination in the sex work industry, ethical content creation, and fostering "realistic sexual connections."

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OnlyFans star Girthmasterr explains the connection between rage-bait content and sex work discourse.

As we chatted with the OF sensation — who's worked with stars like Kazumi and Angela White — we couldn't help but mention Rolling Stone deeming him "the internet's boyfriend," a label he admitted led to some teasing.

We told him that part of the widespread fascination with Girthmasterr seemingly ties to his charming demeanor, as he radiates a "boy next door" energy people don't typically expect from a porn star with a giant eggplant.

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Even his response to our comment was coy, his face hiding behind his large hands. But when it comes to his opinions on outdated sexism and double standards, media literacy, and rage-bait content, Girthmasterr is anything but shy.

In his viral interview, Girthmasterr mentioned he has several female friends in the industry who are estranged from their families, but as a man, "it's just handshakes and high fives."

"It's that mentality [that] men are 'players' if they sleep with a lot of women, and women are 'loose' if they sleep with a lot of guys," he explained to Distractify.

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"There's that whole internet rabbit hole, that redpilled Andrew Tate-type rabbit hole. It radicalizes these young men that feel like they should be getting more than what they're getting. ... The way the algorithm rewards [creators] — if they can get an emotional reaction from people, it will kind of increase their numbers," Girthmasterr continued.

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Girthmasterr doesn't think Andrew Tate- and Ben Shapiro-adjacent creators entirely believe the ideologies they're spewing.

"Guys don't realize that these anti-women talking heads are just doing it for the money. They're not sitting around thinking, 'How can we better society?' They're thinking, 'What can we tweet that's going to get the engagement,'" he continued.

Once these controversial personalities came to depend on their content and teachings for income, that's when he believes their messages became "inflammatory." Because of this, Girthmasterr maintains that media literacy education "has to start at home" and that minors shouldn't have unrestricted internet access.

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Girthmasterr on the overall response to his mainstream success: "It just kind of snowballed."

How does a Birkenstock-loving Australian dude in customer service get into the porn industry? In Girthmasterr's case, the journey began at 18, when he started posting faceless nudes "for fun" on sites like Tumblr, Reddit, and Twitter.

"Someone, just a friend who did OnlyFans — I showed her my Twitter page, and she couldn't believe I was giving it all away for free. So she told me to monetize it," he told us.

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If you were curious as to why his cheeky pseudonym has two Rs, it's pretty simple: "‘Girthmaster’ was taken on Twitter."

Initially thinking of calling himself "Andy Hammers," Girthmasterr never expected his current name to stick, as he relayed he's "not that much of a dominating type of guy."

As you can imagine, being the talk of the internet wasn't all roses for the well-endowed Aussie.

"Most of the men would say, 'Oh, he's living the dream, I [wish] I could do that,' and mostly, you know, the women were saying, 'How's he getting this respect and praise for it when we've been harassed for the same type of thing?'" he explained.

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Inspiring nuanced conversations is important to the OF star, but negative public attention still affected him. Thankfully, his peers in the industry and those who know him personally "had good things to say."

Still, regardless of gender, Girthmasterr pointed out that being a sex worker is still a frowned upon profession.

"You can be knocked back on rental applications for being a sex worker, banks can decide to close your bank accounts, you know, nothing you can do about it."

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In the end, Girthmasterr — who handles almost all behind-the-scenes work himself, apart from some video editing — just wants to put out quality, entertaining, and ethical adult content.

He focuses on detailed communication with his scene partners, aftercare, and what he calls "enthusiastic consent." Interestingly, footage of organic banter and cuddling is typically left in his videos.

"I'm trying to show you, like, me enjoying myself, them enjoying themselves, a consensual connection between adults," he added.

As we wrapped it up (get your minds out of the gutter), we asked Girthmasterr what's on the horizon for him:

"I've got a replica of my wiener coming out soon."

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