Reporter Went on 'GMA' Without Pants and Didn't Realize Everyone Could See

Will Reeve went viral today, but not for his piece on drones delivering prescriptions to seniors. He went viral because he wasn't wearing any pants while reporting that story, and everyone could see.

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Apr. 28 2020, Updated 6:01 p.m. ET

This headline was inevitable, people. As soon as reporters started appearing on TV from their homes, we all knew there'd be one who forgot to put pants on when they went on national TV. Unfortunately for Good Morning America's Will Reeve, it was him. 

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On Tuesday, Will did a segment for national television program Good Morning America about how pharmacies are starting to use drones to deliver prescriptions to people in a Florida retirement community. But the actual story is not what viewers concentrated on. 

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At first, Will's outfit looked totally normal. But he clearly didn't account for that chyron disappearing at any point during the piece because what we soon saw was something we will now never unsee.

Listen, I rarely put pants on these days. I get it. But there is also a zero percent chance I will be on national television. If I knew it was going to happen, I'd put pants on. 

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It's not like Will's whole bottom half was displayed for everyone to see or anything, but you could certainly see a good chunk of his upper thigh peeking through the bottom of the screen. And if you think people kept their cool when they saw that, you've obviously never met a person in your life. 

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Twitter went absolutely wild when they realized Will wasn't wearing pants with his jacket and dress top. The screenshots were...well, everywhere. 

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Countless tweets urged Will to "put on some pants," while some others loved that now that we're in quarantine, the pants were officially off. "Listen, Will," one person wrote, "I support your shorts on morning TV movement and I just wanted to say that now that you've raised the bar we all will be forever disappointed if we see you in pants again."

Will, the son of Christopher Reeve, seemed to have a sense of humor about it. He took to Twitter to claim that he had finally " the most hilariously mortifying way possible."

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If by "I have ARRIVED," Will means, "My bare leg has officially appeared on national television when I should have been wearing pants," then sure, yes, he has arrived. 

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A couple hours after he acknowledged his mistake, he took to Twitter with the classic Notes app statement on the matter. In it, he claims he was "trying to be efficient" so he put his workout clothes on under his dress shirt and suit jacket.

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Do you think that he did that so he could rip off his work clothes like Superman (played, iconically, by his father)? I can think of no other reason. 

In his statement, Will says he welcomes "sartorial tips" from those who wear trousers on their "work video calls," but Will, this wasn't a work video call! This was national television! There's a difference! 

I put pants on for work video calls in the off-chance that I have to stand up or something. You better bet I would wear them if I was appearing on TV!!!

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