Here Is Every 'Doctor Who' Easter Egg in 'Good Omens'

'Good Omens' writer Neil Gaiman and star David Tennant have big connections to 'Doctor Who', so inevitably there'd be a few Easter eggs for you Whovians. Here they are.

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Apr. 15 2020, Updated 11:23 p.m. ET

good omens doctor who easter eggs
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The novel Good Omens and the long-running British sci-fi series Doctor Who may operate in entirely separate universes, but due to some overlap with creator Neil Gaiman and star David Tennant, it seemed inevitable some references to the latter would creep into the six-part Amazon miniseries adaptation. 

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David Tennant was the Tenth Doctor on the show and the one that helped reboot the series after a 16-year hiatus. And Neil Gaiman, being British and into sci-fi and fantasy, has been a fan for years. He has even written a couple episodes of the show during the time Matt Smith played the Eleventh Doctor.

mark gatiss
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Other people who overlap with both series include Derek Jacobi, who plays The Metatron in Good Omens and The Master on Doctor Who, and Mark Gatiss, who is Mr. Harmony in Good Omens and has written for and starred in Doctor Who for decades.

If you're just a casual Whovian, you might have missed a few of the references, so here is a comprehensive catalog of every Doctor Who easter egg in Good Omens.

Newton Pulsifer's tie looks like the Fourth Doctor's scarf.

good omens doctor who easter egg
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Played by Tom Baker from 1974 to 1981, The Fourth Doctor is recognized for wearing a long, striped scarf, the patterns and color of which are mimicked in the tie Newt wears to his very brief first day as a computer engineer. Later in the series, Newt wears a very bulky scarf, which could either be a Who reference or just, you know, appropriate attire for Armageddon in Lower Tadfield?

Crowley briefly considers a move to the planet Gallifrey.

There is no planet Gallifrey in the known universe, but in the world of Doctor Who, it serves as the homeworld for all Time Lords, including The Doctor. In Episode 4, Crowley, played by David Tennant, is looking for a planet or galaxy he can travel to before the Apocalypse brings Earth as we know it to the end. He thumbs through an astronomy book tearing pages and scattering them about — and one happens to illustrate Gallifrey.

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good omens doctor who easter egg
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Crowley doesn't consider it as a possible destination, though. Perhaps that's because it was said to have been destroyed in the Time War during the time of the Tenth Doctor.

A few license plates say SIDRAT — AKA TARDIS backwards.

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Mr. Young's car, and a few others, have this license plate. The TARDIS, of course, is the name for the blue police box in which Doctor Who travels through time and space (That stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space, btw). This could also be a reference to a super deep-cut. Back in 1969, when the Second Doctor was in the house, there was an episode called The War Games, which was the name of time machines used by the villains in that episode.

Some think Adam's (Earth) dad calling Crowley "Doctor" is a nod, but...

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Sorry, that's not an Easter egg, though you're entitled to think so. That's just poor Mr. Young thinking the demon is the obstetrician rather than a fallen angel sent to switch a baby with the literal spawn of Satan.


Finally, as Distractify reader Richard Sloan pointed out, "When the 'Them' are discussing whether aliens / UFOs are real or not, and what they’d say if aliens were actually real, one of the boys suggests they’d say 'Exterminate!' This is the phrase uttered by Daleks, the armored mutants so keen on destroying Time Lords on Doctor Who.

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Did you spot any Doctor Who Easter eggs we missed?

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