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Source: CBS

What Has the Cast of 'Good Times' Been Up to Since the Show Finished?


Good Times was groundbreaking television: it was the first African-American, two-parent family sitcom broadcast on a major network. The ensemble cast was on-point. The jokes were great, and the numbers were incredible...the great theme song didn't hurt either. And although it was one of the most-watched shows on television in the '70s, most folks don't know where the careers of the actors on the show went once its sixth and final season was over. So where are they now?

The Good Times cast was beloved by fans but where are they now?

If the program was before your time and you weren't a classic TV/late night aficionado, then there's probably a good chance you heard of the show but never watched a single episode. Good Times was basically a twice-removed spin-off from All in the Family. Florida Evans was Maude Findlay's maid from the show, and was featured in the spin-off show, Maude.