Gordon Ramsay Isn’t Vocal About His Politics, but These Two Events Are Telling...

Chef Gordon Ramsay has never shied away from his honestly scathing opinions in the kitchen, but what about his political views? Details on where he stands.

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Dec. 16 2021, Published 1:19 a.m. ET

Gordon Ramsay
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People always seem to be enthralled by the private lives and personal beliefs of artists, actors, athletes, politicians, and public figures. And the topics of interest always seem to be one of two things: their relationship status or their political views. Why we need to know who someone voted for or what their stance on the legalization of marijuana on a federal level is is a different question entirely, but nonetheless, folks are curious. And that curiosity extends to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

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What are Gordon Ramsay's political views?

Gordon made headlines a while back when it was revealed that, during a state visit President Donald Trump made to the United Kingdom in 2018, the chef refused to make a meal for the then–Commander-in-Chief.

What followed was the typical political back-and-forth on social media: Trump supporters castigated Gordon for seemingly taking a stance against the President, and vocal critics of Trump's praised the chef for taking what they construed as an anti-conservative stance, especially since he indicated he would've been more than happy to cook for Hillary Clinton in 2016 upon the announcement of her presidential bid.

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Gordon Ramsay
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Speaking further to Bon Appétit about the type of food he would've made for Hillary, Gordon said, "I would say something authentic, rich, and a sauce that had been doused with lots of red wine — like a braised short rib, because she’s of that era — of that age — that she understands fine food."

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According to The Daily Record, the chef was asked to prepare a meal for Trump, U.K. Cabinet Ministers, and then–British Prime Minister Theresa May. Gordon politely declined, saying, "Thank you, but no thank you."

As folks further delved into the story, news broke out that the Hell's Kitchen star had actually cooked for Vladimir Putin in 2010 when he visited the U.K.

Source: Twitter | @JennEllisEsq
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So, is Gordon Ramsay liberal?

It's difficult to pin the celebrity chef down as being wholly conservative or wholly liberal. Like most people, Gordon has specific viewpoints that he stands by due to his personal convictions, and they sometimes skew more conservative or liberal depending on the issue.

Take Brexit, for example.

According to Esquire, Gordon actually voted for the United Kingdom to remove itself from the E.U., and gave a very thorough answer as to why. "That level of influx of multinational workers in this country has sort of confirmed how lazy as a nation we are — when individuals from across the seas are prepared to come and work twice as hard for less money," he said.

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Source: Twitter | @terraismynation

He continued, "If anything, it's a big kick up the arse for the industry, and it's going to get back to the modern-day apprenticeship. So not only do I welcome that kind of change, but I think it's going to put a lot more emphasis on homegrown talent, which I think we need to do."

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Then there's the fact that the MasterChef star moved his U.S. restaurant headquarters from California to Texas, likely for tax purposes, as many have speculated.

Source: Twitter | @GovAbbuttsucks

Pro-Brexit voters were generally considered to be primarily conservative-leaning individuals. While Gordon declined to cook for President Trump, from the way he speaks about Brexit, he definitely believes that there are some "snowflakes" in his country who needed a harsh dose of reality.

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