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A Recap of the Season 8 'GOT' Premiere, Entirely in Memes



This should go without saying, but SPOILER ALERT!

The first episode of Game of Thrones' final season finally premiered, and fans flocked to HBO, their friends'  HBO NOW accounts, and illegal streams online to watch. It did not disappoint: from awkward reunions (Bran and Jaime) and cheeky ones (Sansa and Tyrion), to Arya wryly downplaying the number of people she's killed, there were enough amazing moments in the episode to make fans feel like they were back in the swing of things after such a long break.

It definitely feels like winter is here and a great battle will soon take place. While one could recap the episode in text, why do that when it could be done so much better through memes?

Let's be honest, GOT fans create some of the best memes. Maybe it has to do with the fact that literally everyone watches it, so we've just got a bigger pool of meme excellence to cull from? Whatever the reason, they're just great.

1. People were howling at this Jon and Dany moment.

The awkwardness was palpable when Jon was smooching his Khaleesi Queen, and then, from the corner of his eye, he saw a dragon staring right at him.

2. It's like your girlfriend's cat watching you two make out...

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...just a million times more intimidating and awkward. You can hear that dragon saying, "You better not break her heart, bro."

3. Then there was this wonderful reunion moment between Jon and Arya.

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No matter how many people you kill, you still want your family to see you in a favorable light, I guess. Plus, lying was the best thing for Arya to do in this situation. Why worry Jon needlessly?

4. The premiere also set up a lot of potential tension between Dany and the Starks.

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The reception Dany received was certainly an "icy" one.

5. Dany basically strolled up like she owned the joint.

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But there were a lot of people who just weren't having it. Guess they're not into the idea of a powerful warrior queen shacking up with Jon Snow. A queen with dragons, of all things.

6. Even from Samwell Tarly, who, for some reason holds a grudge against the Targaryens.

Apparently, he's angry at Dany for having his father killed. On the one hand, I understand, but on the other, Sam's dad was kind of a jerkwad towards him, so maybe Dany was doing him a favor? Family's family, I guess.

7. Out of all the people who were least excited to see Daenerys, however...

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Sansa was definitely the one doing the most mean-mugging.

8. The ice-cold Lady of Winterfell wasn't having any of Dany's attempted niceties.

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And there was a ton of tension between the two women, with Jon literally in the middle.

9. Literally, caught in the middle.

Imagine how awkward it must be sitting between the two of them. Look at that glare from Sansa.

10. But Dany wasn't one to back down.

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In fact, everyone pretty much agreed that Dany's the one that won their little hostile exchange at Winterfell.

11. The most awkward meeting in the whole show, however, was when Jaime realized Bran was still alive.

And he realized it first hand.

12. Bran knows exactly what he saw. He knows who pushed him out of that window.

And his vacant, uneasy stare into Jaime's soul was the stuff of nightmares for the gold-handed Lannister, but audiences were eating it up.

13. It was pretty much exactly like this.

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And the look on poor Jaime's face...

14. It's crazy that a man who started the show as an incestuous attempted child murderer...

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...ends up becoming an audience favorite. I feel bad for him in this situation. Oh poor Jaime.

15. Then there was the bombshell that everyone knew was coming.

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We've all known that Jon's a "secret" Targaryen and have known for quite some time, but it was still amazing to find out the truth and get it on record.

16. Some of the memes were a bit more wholesome.

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It is nice to see family finally reuniting.

17. Even if it's the Greyjoys. Theon might've been a cowardly snake, but he did right by his sister.

And that was a pretty great moment, even if they're objectively the worst part of the series.

18. Then there was the whole Euron-Cersei thing.

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I, for one, don't like them as a couple at all. But hey, alliances must be made. 

19. Celebrities were tweeting about the premiere too.

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I'm not sure who the "Lannister Thot" is in the show, I must've missed that episode.

20. Even T-Pain squealed in auto-tune delight at this line from Arya.

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Man she's just crushing it, isn't she?

21. But seriously, the best moment is Bran's blank stare.

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Hard to top this meme going forward. That being said, we've still got a long season ahead of us.

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