Gus From 'Floribama Shore' Finally Addresses Where His Mysterious Scar Came From

Gina Vaynshteyn - Author

Feb. 26 2021, Updated 3:13 p.m. ET

gus floribama shore scar
Source: Instagram

If you watch Floribama Shore, then you're probably in a deep internet K-hole trying to figure out where Gus Smyrnios got his Scarface-esque scar below his eye. Season 4 of the wild reality show premiered tonight on MTV, and while the crew gets to travel across the country (and we know that a certain someone ends up announcing their pregnancy!), all people can really focus on is Gus's scar. Where did it come from? Well, we finally have an answer — from Gus himself. 

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Gus explains that he got the scar from getting jumped by four men after they called him homophobic slurs in his hometown in Florida.

Gus from 'Floribama Shore' scar explanation:

Gus responded to Distractify on his Instagram Stories and said, "I've addressed it a couple times on here I just can't answer every question about it. Also talked about it on the show but guess it got edited out. Got jumped in my hometown. A month prior to filming by 4 guys at a bar, scarred my face, hand, and back up. No, I didn't start it they called me a [expletive] and then told me I wasn't welcome with hair and earring [sic]. like mine so if course we fought not gonna take that sh*t even if there was 4 of them lol."

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gus response
Source: Distractify via Instagram Stories

We noticed that a few people had commented with a similar answer, but we were finally able to verify the truth.

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gus scar instagram
Source: Instagram

We ended up reaching out to the user who left the comment and she was the one who alerted us that Gus had responded about his scar.

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Another Instagram user, caymiddy18, had a similar response, saying, "I read that he was jumped by some a—holes that didn't like how he looked, right before filming started." It looks like she was totally correct.

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gus scar ig
Source: Instagram

People were very, very curious about where his scar came from.

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"Anybody else wondering what happened to Gus’s face? Huge scratch or scar under eye," someone wrote.

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Another fan hilariously brought up the fact that Gus didn't address the scar in the Season 4 premiere, even though he has this gigantic new scar on his face and likely knows people would be curious about it.

"Gus is just the WORST... also they really not going to address that face scar of his?" the Twitter user wrote. 

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There is one time (to our knowledge) that Gus had publicly addressed the scar, and that's when he posted his Brad Pitt-lookalike selfie back in September 2020 (before Season 4 started filming). He wrote, "Shaved my face for my brothers [sic] wedding and ended up 'Once upon a time in Perry Fl' but with a Scarface cheek and lip" in the caption.

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Watch Floribama Shore on MTV every Thursday night at 9 p.m. EST.

This article has been updated February 26, 2021 at 12 p.m. PST.

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