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Was This Guy Wrong for Offering a Girl a Drink and Then Not Paying for It?



Being single and trying to meet new potential romantic interests is kind of a trip, especially when it comes to the bar/club scene. If you're a woman, you're probably used to getting hit on by random people who have offered to buy you a drink. While no one's ever hit on me before by offering up overpriced alcohol, I can imagine it's a pretty weird experience overall.

Personally, I would feel pretty embarrassed to ask someone to buy me anything that's too expensive.

One, because it's a stranger's money and I just wouldn't feel right having them spend it all willy nilly and two, it's mostly because I don't want them thinking I owe them anything in return. Obviously I wouldn't "owe" them anything, they're the one that offered the drink in the first place. But just like anyone who's offered to buy me something, I just wouldn't want to get "greedy."

But some people don't think it's bad form to not only order a drink that's pricey for themselves, but to also get some booze for their friends, too.

Which brings us to this Reddit user — who wants to know if he was in the wrong for refusing to pay for the drinks of someone he believes took advantage of his kindness.

It all started when this 23-year-old male saw "this really hot girl" at a bar in Toronto and offered to buy her a drink after talking and dancing with her for a bit. So he went to the bartender and asked for a beer and "whatever she wants."

The woman then proceeded to ask for four double shots of 1942 Don Julio Tequila, which came out to roughly $75 a shot.

He protested, but the woman patted him on the back and said that the shots were for her and her friends, but her order didn't sit well with the guy who decided to only put $10 on the bar counter for his beer and tip, and he told the worker behind the bar that she would be covering the shots.

She then began to yell "the normal insults" as he walked away. He didn't think anything more of it until he discovered he was somehow connected to the young woman.

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As it turns out, his mother worked with the girl, who showed a picture of him to her. The young woman then told OP's mother about how he handled the drink situation at the bar, and she immediately began to chew him out for his behavior. Not only that, she said that he should send the woman the cost of the drinks, which was $325 with tip.

He proceeded to laugh his mom's suggestion off and inform her that no, he wouldn't be paying for the drinks. Now, both his mother and the woman think he's a big a-hole for the way he reacted. So he decided to head over to Reddit's AITA sub to find out if others thought he was in the wrong.

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

A lot of people thought that he was well within the realm of not being a jerk after reading his story. Many others were in total and utter shock that a double shot of anything would cost that much.

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

Other commenters said that she was the one who was being an a-hole to put in such a presumptuous drink order.

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

What do you think? Should he just have bitten the bullet because he offered? Or is this the case of a stranger taking advantage of someone's kindness?

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