Guy Tang and His Husband Almar Are Adorably in Love

Who is Guy Tang's husband? Many viewers came to meet Guy when he found an unexpected item in Anna Shay's shower. But is he married? Details.


Jan. 20 2021, Published 8:13 p.m. ET

Although he wasn’t a main cast member on Netflix’s Bling Empire, viewers quickly fell in love with the mischievous Guy Tang. Stylist extraordinaire, creator of pioneering hair coloring techniques, and music artist, Guy is a multifaceted talent who’s worked hard at building a successful career and a loyal fanbase.

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But what’s really caught the attention of fans is Guy’s adorable and supportive husband, Almar Guevarra. Although Guy’s Instagram is full of posts about the latest in hair artistry, every so often there’s an extremely sweet and heartfelt 'gram dedicated to his husband, Almar. 

So, who is Guy Tang’s husband? Keep scrolling to find out.

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Who is Guy Tang’s husband?

Audiences let out a collective gasp when Kim Lee and Guy Tang surreptitiously let themselves into Anna Shay’s house and found a rather unexpected item in her shower. “I think we're being rude like, investigating her home,” Guy says, before wondering out loud, “What shampoo is [Anna] using in her shower? Because her hair's a mess and if she's not using the right product, maybe that's the problem with her.”

It’s a fitting introduction to Guy Tang, who appears on the show Bling Empire, albeit not as much as the main cast members. But because he didn’t have as much screen time as his other costars, a lot about Guy was left out of the show, leaving audiences to wonder about Guy’s personal life.

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Guy is of Asian heritage, but was raised in Tulsa, Okla., which contributed to his insecure and closeted early years. Thankfully, Guy managed to get out of his hometown and moved to Long Beach, Calif. in 2009, after which he made the move to West Hollywood. 

Today, Guy is an extremely successful, self-made hair colorist with over 2 million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

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Along with a successful career, Guy has also been lucky in the love department. Guy’s husband, Almar Guevarra is a brain cancer research nurse who’s working to find a cure for brain cancer. 

But despite his medical background, Guy says that Almar also “knows everything about hair.” Almar’s hair talents are so strong that Guy even lets Almar color his hair. For a professional hair colorist, that’s a pretty big leap to make.

The two met 11 years ago and according to Guy, Almar is “very nurturing.” Although he’s quite private about his personal life, Guy has posted detailed messages about how supportive Almar is, saying that he is the biggest advocate for Guy’s hair and music endeavors and always comes to Guy’s “shows or events cheering [him] on.” 

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Guy also explained that although he works in a demanding and tough industry, he has a supportive shoulder to cry on when things get hard. He said that in moments when even he was unsure about his own talents, Almar was there to “remind [him] that [he is] strong and [he has] SuperPowers [sic] to endure any obstacles.”

Guy has said that he knew he was in love with Almar when they first met because Almar serenaded him with the Mariah Carey track “Circles,” off her comeback album, "The Emancipation of Mimi." 

At the time, Guy wondered how Almar knew that he was obsessed with Mariah, but it was the adorable gesture that cemented the fact that Almar was “the one.” 

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