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Source: iStock Photo

Guy in 2019 Doesn't Get Why His Wife Is Mad at Him for Suggesting She Stay Home With the Kids


It's not every day that before I sit down to write an article, I rub my hands together like a cartoon villain. But that's what happened just now. Strap in, folks. This is going to be a good one (and by "good," I mean bad). 

Reddit's "Am I the A-hole?" recently had one of the most cut-and-dry posts I've ever seen. The title question kind of sums it up beautifully: "AITA for telling my wife that she should stop working and take care of our child instead of us using a babysitter?" I know. I know! It's almost like this guy took us in a time machine back to 1950, only he didn't. We're still in 2019. 

Source: iStock Photo