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Source: iStock

Woman on Reddit Seeks Advice After Her Husband's Other Wife Shows Up at Her Door


She first thought the woman at her door was "some crazy woman that wanted to ruin my marriage," until this stranger, "Cherry," showed her pictures, tons of photos and videos documenting her husband — their husband — living a second life she'd never even suspected. So, this being the year 2019, this blindsided wife turned to reddit for advice.

In a post to the Relationship Advice subreddit, a woman shared a story that seems ripped from a soap opera — but as anyone who has watched Dateline can attest, these secret life stories happen in real life, too. 

"I thought that I had a pretty happy marriage with 'Jonas,'" she wrote. They have been married nine years and have two 8-year-old twin girls. But the man she married, whose business requires him to be away for months at a time, apparently had been keeping a big secret for more than half their time together.