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Runaway Brides Tell the Stories of How and Why They Fled the Scenes of Their Own Weddings


Runaway Bride isn't just a movie starring Julia Roberts. It's a real thing that happens sometimes. This AskReddit thread is chock full of dramatic stories of runaway brides explaining how and why they left their partners at or around the altar. Sometimes it takes the immediate prospect of marriage to put everything into perspective and make you realize that this is not the right life move for you. 

Source: iStock Photo

NearMayhem's story is truly a crazy one. On her 18th birthday, her boyfriend proposed to her in front of everyone at her party. She felt pressured, so she said yes, but she was just about to start college and knew she wasn't ready to get married. Her boyfriend agreed that they could have a long engagement, but less than three months later, her mom and his brought her dress shopping. They said it was never too early to start planning! The next thing she knows, she is picking out flowers and table arrangements...she's pretty much been bullied into planning a whole wedding she had no intention of planning for years.