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Source: iStock Photo

Woman's Family Is Pressuring Her to Give up Wedding Venue to Her Pregnant Sister


Occasionally a post pops up on Reddit's "Am I the A-hole?" subreddit that is so infuriating that the entire place explodes with support for the poster. This is one such post. Just wait until you get a load of this toxic and broken family. Unless we're not hearing the whole story here, there is no way this poor woman is wrong for holding her ground. 

Paperweightfairy first gives us some background on the situation. She has been with with her fiancé for eight years, and they've been engaged for three. She has been juggling wedding planning with doing her PhD program, and so they booked their dream venue for after her graduation. It worked out perfectly because this very popular wedding venue was booked until then anyway. After all that waiting and planning, the time has finally come. Their wedding is in September of this year (literally a month from now).