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Source: Hallmark

The Plots of Hallmark's Hanukkah Movies Are, Uh... Yikes


I enjoy Hallmark Christmas movies as much as the next person. There's something so comforting about these cozy, made-for-TV holiday specials that warms my heart. They're all the same, yet all a teeny bit different. While I love Hallmark Christmas movies, I'm Jewish, and so I was extra excited for the lineup this year when I learned that Hallmark would be airing two — count 'em, two — Hanukkah movies.

Finally, I thought. A blue and white Hallmark movie instead of a red and green one. I thought the Hallmark Hanukkah movies would follow the exact same formula as their Christmas movies, only the snowed-in family would be centered around a menorah instead of a Christmas tree. And I was so there for that idea. But I was wrong. The Hallmark Channel has released the two plots for their so-called "Hanukkah movies," and not only are they just Christmas movies that feature Jewish characters but one of them seems to border on actually being anti-Semitic.