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Source: Twitter

It's Mid July, So Let's Get Ready for Halloween, Say Stores Everywhere


Here in the United States, we've entered the holiday doldrums that falls between Independence Day and Halloween. Sure, we've got Labor Day, but who ever heard of Labor Day decorations? Nobody. We might as well start getting ready for Halloween, right? 

I don't know what this says about me, but while Christmas Creep annoys me endlessly, I'm 100 percent here for Halloween creep, and it seems I'm not alone in this...

Source: Twitter

I mean, of course someone with the handle @_HorrorGirl_ can't wait for Halloween. That's clearly her whole brand. But I'm with her. Because it's hot as Hades out there, and if we fool ourselves into thinking it's almost Halloween time, that also means we can delude ourselves into believing it's almost sweater weather.