'My Best Friend Anne Frank' Reveals How Hannah Goslar-Pick Risked Her Life to Save Anne Frank

Hannah Goslar-Pick was Anne Frank's best friend and actually helped save her life. Where is she now? Details on her remarkable life.

Chris Barilla - Author

Jan. 31 2022, Published 3:40 p.m. ET

With the way that history is framed sometimes, it can feel like the events of the Holocaust happened so long ago and their effects are wholly in the past. But the events that transpired less than a century ago still have major implications on the world today. Furthermore, survivors of the Holocaust are still alive today and their vivid, jarring tales of resilience in the face of insurmountable odds have educated millions worldwide.

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One such survivor is Hannah Goslar-Pick, who was Anne Frank's childhood best friend. On top of that, Hannah actually played a role in helping to keep Anne safe. Although Anne tragically died during World War II, Hannah managed to survive and now, her story is the subject of a new Netflix film titled My Best Friend Anne Frank. So where is Hannah now? Keep reading for details on the survivor's life today.

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Where is Hannah Goslar-Pick now?

The now 93-year-old, who lives in Jerusalem, still has fond memories of her childhood with Anne. She uses the lessons she learned during those tragic, yet formative years to educate a new generation. An international advocate for peace, Hannah travels the globe speaking at schools and various public events about what happened to her during the Holocaust.

Now, Hannah's remarkable story and how it intertwines with Anne is the focus of a new Netflix movie. Titled My Best Friend Anne Frank, the film stars Josephine Arendsen as Hannah and Aiko Beemsterboer as Anne. It focuses on their childhood under the looming shadow of the Nazi occupation of Europe.

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Hannah and Anne became friends quickly when Anne moved to Amsterdam. The two girls were neighbors and classmates who shared a love for hopscotch, ping pong, and gossip. In July 1942, the two girls were separated and their families went into hiding from the Nazis.

The Franks stayed in Amsterdam, where Anne penned her famous diary, and the Goslar-Picks fled to Holland. Sadly, both families were eventually captured and sent to the same concentration camp: Bergen-Belsen.

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Hannah Goslar-Pick risked her own life to help save Anne Frank while they were both imprisoned.

When the two girls discovered that they were on opposite sides of the barbed wire fence in the same camp, Hannah decided she would risk her life in order to help her friend from home. Knowing full well that if she was caught she would be killed, Hannah assembled a package that contained a sock, dried prunes, and some bread. The girls met at the fence and Hannah threw it over. Unfortunately, another prisoner intercepted it and ran off.

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That didn't discourage Hannah, however. The determined youngster risked her life again shortly after to do the exact same thing. This time, she was successful in delivering Anne the care package. Unfortunately, Anne died in February 1945, reportedly from typhus, at 15 years old. It was just weeks before allied soldiers liberated Bergen-Belsen. Hannah was liberated when the camp fell.

In the decades since the tragic events of the Holocaust, Hannah has spoken at length about her experiences, even helping pen several books about what occurred. "People should know about the cruelty — it was unnecessary," she told Scholastic during a lengthy interview.

"It’s important to understand what happened so it doesn’t happen again. … I always say that the only thing Anne Frank did was that she was born Jewish, and for that, she had to die. She could’ve given a lot to mankind."

My Best Friend Anne Frank releases on Feb. 4, 2022, on Netflix.

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