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Source: Google Maps

These Six Haunted Houses Are for Sale, So Prepare to Get Spooked


A majority of home buyers visualize their dream abode with a garden, some nice neighbors, and a decent amount of privacy. A small handful of homebuyers, on the other hand, envision their ideal house plagued by a haunting history and swarming with spooky spirits.

So anyone looking to live every day like it's literally their last should definitely take a look at each of these haunted houses for sale

You'll be dying to own one of these haunted houses for sale:

1. The S.K. Pierce Property in Gardner, Mass.

Source: Google Maps

This Victorian mansion was built in 1875 by famously wealthy businessman S.K. Pierce. It's been put to use over the years as a private home, a brothel, and a freemason hall, and has seen a total of seven recorded deaths, according to Little Things. So, it should come as no surprise that ghost hunters and previous homeowners alike have had terrifying paranormal experiences there, such as hearing voices and seeing ghosts.

Would you dare to live here?