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Ghost Hunters Grant Wilson, Mustafa Gatollari and Brandon Alvis in Pocatello High School

'Ghost Hunters' Historian Mustafa Gatollari Breaks Down the Pocatello High School Investigation (EXCLUSIVE)


Mustafa Gatollari is the paranormal historian and site analyst on the Ghost Hunters reboot, and he will be blogging about the show's paranormal investigations each week, exclusively for Distractify! Follow Mustafa on Instagram at @mgatollari

Full disclosure: Although I'm a member of the Ghost Hunters team, all thoughts, conclusions, and commentaries on the cases are entirely my own, and don't necessarily represent the views of my fellow team members, the GH production crew, or A&E.

OK, now that we got that out of the way, in case you didn't hear, I'm a paranormal investigator, and the first episode of the all-new Ghost Hunters focuses on a high school in Pocatello, Idaho.