What Is the "Healthy Coke" TikTok Trend All About? It Includes Balsamic Vinegar

A viral TikTok video posted by a woman named Amanda Jones includes a recipe for balsamic vinegar soda. Does it taste like a healthy Coke?

Stephanie Harper - Author

Jun. 9 2022, Published 3:22 p.m. ET

There's a major movement happening on social media among users who want to live healthier lifestyles. Living this kind of lifestyle often means abandoning sugary carbonated drinks like Coke. But now, a viral TikTok video posted by a woman named Amanda Jones includes a recipe for balsamic vinegar soda that can be sipped on instead.

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Some people think her recipe is a total joke, but others are hopping on board to give it a try. Here’s what everyone should know about the "Healthy Coke" TikTok trend making its rounds on social media right now.

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What exactly is the "Healthy Coke" TikTok trend all about? Here are the details.

Most people have never heard of a healthy recipe that mimics the flavor of Coke, but now, thousands of people are curious to give Amanda's recipe a try. She starts her video by saying, “My Pilates instructor makes this drink almost every day ... and it’s a healthy alternative to a Coke. I’m not joking [with] you –– it tastes just like a Coke and you’re going to think I’m insane!”

The first ingredient is a splash of balsamic vinegar in a cup filled with ice. After that, all you have to do is fill the rest of the cup up with any sparkling beverage. In Amanda‘s video, she uses guava-flavored LaCroix. After stirring everything together with a spoon, she talks about how much it already looks like a typical glass of Coke. Then, she proceeds to rave over how similar the flavors are.

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Not everyone in Amanda‘s comment section is totally impressed by the idea though. One person wrote, “Zero chance that tastes like a Coke."

Another person added, “Not salad dressing soda!"

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A third person jokingly said Amanda deserves to go to jail for suggesting such a thing.

Amanda hasn’t directly responded to any of the comments from trolls in her comment section, but her video has already pulled in more than 558,000 likes to go along with its 5.5 million views.

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Does balsamic vinegar mixed with LaCroix really taste like Coke?

Several content creators have jumped on board to try Amanda's healthy Coke trend in their own videos. One creator named Ashley McCrary posted a video using balsamic vinegar mixed with berry-flavored LaCroix. The caption she added says, “It does not taste identical to a Coke. However, it is super good. May not be for everyone!"

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Another user named Kylie — who mentions that she is a registered dietitian in her TikTok bio — made a video in which she follows all of Amanda's steps by mixing balsamic vinegar with watermelon-flavored LaCroix. According to Kylie, “It does not taste like Coke. It taste like exactly what you think it’s going to taste like … a carbonated balsamic vinegar."

Kylie added a few more notes in an on-screen text block saying she wouldn’t drink this combination again, and that drinking Coke in moderation is totally fine. She also compared the experience to the time she fell for a social media influencer video that attempted to convince everyone using bell peppers instead of bread would taste the same.

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