High School Teacher Feels "Betrayed" When Students Forget About a Quiz

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Dec. 4 2023, Published 10:51 a.m. ET

A teacher says that she feels betrayed when her high school students forget there's a quiz.
Source: TikTok/@himisslai

When it comes to hitting the books, sadly, most students struggle to retain the information they receive; it quickly goes in one ear and out the other. To make matters worse, some even forget about significant class events, such as crucial presentation deadlines and exam days.

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High school teacher and TikTok content creator Miss Lai (@himisslai) attests to this phenomenon, claiming she feels extremely "betrayed" when her students don't remember there's a quiz on the horizon.

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A teacher hands out the test to his students.
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A high school teacher feels "betrayed" when students forget quiz day.

In the video, posted on Nov. 16, 2023, Miss Lai confessed she's utterly perplexed by her high school students' unique talent for forgetfulness. She revealed that every time a quiz or test is quickly approaching, she essentially turns into a reminder app and bombards her students with the exam date until they can recite it in their sleep.

"I put it in the monthly calendar on our class website. I will write it on the board sometimes. I'll give them reminders on the days leading up," she explained. "And obviously, on the days leading up, we're prepping for their quiz. We're studying, we're doing practice quizzes, we're playing games, [and] we're doing worksheets."

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Despite all the prep hype, the students forget everything — including the fact that it's quiz day. Miss Lai hilariously shared how, when she innocently asks her students to take out their pencils and separate their desks, it's like she has unleashed chaos and panic mode sets in faster than you can say "pop quiz."

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"Oh, my God. There's a quiz today. There's a test. Oh, my God. Is there a quiz today?" Miss Lai playfully mimicked her students. "Oh, my God. Madame, I just don't understand what is going on."

Miss Lai admitted that her students' forgetfulness about a quiz feels like the ultimate betrayal: "We made eye contact," she added. "Like, I looked you in the eye and said, 'The quiz is on Tuesday. Do we understand that? This date, Tuesday? And I wrote on the board, I put it in the calendar, put it on the class website."

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"I just feel betrayed," Miss Lai continued. "Like, we made eye contact, and you said, 'The quiz is on Tuesday,' and now it's Tuesday, but you didn't remember there was a quiz. Is there any greater betrayal?"

Miss Lai's video has created a division among TikTok users.

As of this writing, Miss Lai's video has amassed over 1.3 million views and counting. The video has also received more than 2,100 comments from students expressing their frustration about having more pressing concerns than a quiz.

"As a student, it's bc we have other classes to worry about, so we don't remember everything," one person said.

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"It's fair to feel that way but we have other classes and depending on the schedule its very easy to forget ngl 💀"
Source: TikTok

A second TikTok user agreed, writing that they "have a million other things going on."

"As a senior in high school, I must say this is very accurate," a third TikToker commented. "Main reason we do that is because we have other classes and activities to worry about."

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But hold up, the wise ones in the comments section are dropping truth bombs. They're like, "Hey kids, welcome to the wild ride of adulthood where there are always a million things on your plate." And their genius suggestion? Whip out that planner and jot it all down!

"Students in the comments saying 'we have other things going on' that's life. Get a planner and write it down besties it'll be way easier I promise."
Source: TikTok

"'We have other subjects' JUST WRITE IT ON UR DAMN PLANNER," a TikTok user commented.

Another person responded, "As a high school student, it's not that hard to remember. Yeah, you can be thinking about other classes too, but it's not hard to remember."

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