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Source: Instagram

Josh's 'Moonshiners' Suffered a Horrible Back Injury, but How Did It Happen?


When I was a kid, I used to think motorcycles were the coolest things in the world... then I somehow saw footage of a crash and my zest for riding the two-wheeled death machines began to fade. 

So when I first heard that Josh Owens from the popular reality series Moonshiners injured his back, I immediately started putting two and two together.

How did Josh from Moonshiners break his back?

If you've ever checked out the man's social media accounts, then it's apparent that the dude is a bit of a gear head with an affinity for vintage motorcycles. He doesn't love just showing them off in expos either — he enjoys riding them as well. Sadly, when he was on a Florida race track on March 16, 2018, one of the tires on a vintage bike he was riding blew up.