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Source: Netflix

Netflix's 'Soundtrack' Tries a Little Too Hard to Emulate 'This Is Us'


Even after reading a description of Netflix’s new series Soundtrack, we had no idea what to expect when sitting down to watch the musical drama's first hour. But the show’s This Is Us-style twist at the end of Episode 1 quickly clued us in to the type of spectacle we were in for.

Below, we break down Season 1’s major revelation and what’s next for the Los Angeles-set romance. Warning: the following paragraphs contain an abundance of spoilers!

How did Nellie die in Soundtrack?

Television shows are all about flashbacks these days. After meeting main couple Nellie and Sam, viewers learn that the duo’s love story actually takes place in the early 2010s, and that Sam is now a widowed father of one following Nellie’s death from cancer.