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Source: Netflix

Will There Be a Season 3 of 'Lost in Space'? The Show's Writers Are Confident


Lost in Space has been absolutely crushing it for Netflix. When the show first debuted, the streaming giant released some staggering view numbers: apparently, the series brought in a whopping 6.3 million eyes in its first three days. Although the official figures for Season 2 haven't been revealed, it seems like there's a strong enough case for the show to be renewed for a Season 3.

Will Lost in Space get a Season 3?

When it comes to the streaming giants, there's no such thing as mercy or a "figure out" period. Hulu, Netflix, Amazon... all of these production companies basically buy shows around 8-10 episodes at a time, and if a program isn't performing as per the almighty algorithm's demands, there's a decision to basically pull the plug regardless of where the narrative's at.