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Source: Netflix

How the Law of Surprise Intertwines Geralt and Princess Ciri's Fate in Netflix's 'The Witcher'


[Warning: Major spoilers ahead]

In Episode 4 of the new Netflix series The Witcher, audiences are introduced to the notion of the Law of Surprise, and how it ties together the lives of the titular characters, Geralt of Riveria (Henry Cavill) and Princess Ciri (Freya Allan). 

The episode, "Of Banquets, Bastards, and Burials," shows audiences a look at past events, which features Queen Calanthe (Jodhi May) arranging a marriage for her daughter Princess Pavetta (Gaia Mondadori).

When a masked knight named Duny (Bart Edwards) crashes the pre-wedding festivities, Queen Calanthe immediately wants him executed, especially after revealing his cursed hedgehog face. Before he can be slain, he claims the Law of Surprise, stating that Pavetta's late father, King Roegnor, offered him this right as payment for saving his life years prior.