Is a Platform That Allows Users to Load Games Without Downloading Them is a free, cloud-based gaming platform that also allows user to open apps like TikTok.


Apr. 16 2024, Published 10:22 a.m. ET

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The phenomenon of games you can play online without downloading anything is new, but as games get bigger and more complex, lengthy downloads are becoming more and more part of the deal. Sometimes, though, downloading those kinds of massive games isn't feasible for one reason or another, which is where comes in.

Article continues below advertisement is an online gaming platform that has been trending all over TikTok, and many want to better understand what it is and how it works. While the platform exists primarily for gaming, many have also noted that there are ways you can use it in conjunction with TikTok as well. Here's what we know about the trending platform.

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How does work with TikTok? is a gaming platform that offers its users a wide array of games without having to download them. The service allows you to play the full versions of games like the mobile versions of FIFA and Madden from the comfort of your computer.

That may not seem all that useful if you're sitting at home with access to the full game, but if you're either cheap or somewhere else, can be a great way to do some gaming on the go.

The real reason the site has taken off, though, is that is not currently blocked by most school districts, which means that student can play the games on the site when they're supposed to be doing their school work.

Of course, given that TikTok is dominated by people for whom this is a real problem, it makes sense that the platform is trending on the app.

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There's also another concrete reason that has become popular with the youths, and it has to do with TikTok itself. also provides a way for people operating on blocked computers to open TikTok and other apps without having to type the URL in. So, not only can you get distracted by playing games on the platform, you can also waste your computer time looking at TikTok without ever having to get your phone out.

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According to the company's About Us page, actually gives users the ability to upload games that aren't already on the platform if they want to be able to play them.

" is a member of the Open Gaming Store Alliance (OGSA) and the Open Gaming Store is natively integrated into the experience," the site explains. "The user in addition is able to upload games they would like to play if they are not available via the Open Gaming Store."

The company also claims that, because the site is ad-supported, it's free to use. Essentially, then, is a free mobile cloud service that allows users to play any game they want for free, as long as it's been uploaded.

For now, it seems like the service is a great workaround for kids who want to goof off at school. The only question that remains is how long they'll be able to get away with it before adults get wise.

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