Wolverine Suffered a Significant Blow in 'X-Men '97' — How Could He Possibly Recover?

Wolverine is the best at what he does in 'X-Men '97,' but he just lost one of his greatest assets in the series.

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May 10 2024, Published 12:59 p.m. ET

Wolverin in 'X-Men '97'
Source: Disney Plus

Spoiler alert! This article contains major plot details for X-Men '97.

The mutants are finally back to play in the critically acclaimed X-Men '97 on Disney Plus. The Marvel animated series picks up where the popular '90s cartoon left off as it continues the adventures of Cyclops and the X-Men as they fight for civil rights in a world that despises them. Following the apparent death of their leader, Charles Xavier, the X-Men struggle to continue their fight as humanity intensifies their discrimination.

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Many of the original cartoon's major characters return to the fray, including fan-favorite mutant Wolverine who brandishes his nigh-invincible adamantium claws against the forces of evil. As the first season draws to a close, however, Wolverine suffers a blow that could fundamentally alter his status as the best at what he does. From the outset, it appears as if he loses the adamantium ingrained into his entire skeleton. Will he ever get it back in X-Men '97? Let's break down the possibilities.

Wolverine in X-Men '97 brandishing his adamantium claws
Source: Disney Plus
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Wolverine may no longer have his admantium in 'X-Men '97.' How could he get it back?

In Season 1, Episode 9 of X-Men '97, "Tolerance in Extinction, Part 2," Wolverine and the X-Men fight one of their greatest battles yet against their eternal nemesis, Magneto. At the beginning of the series, Magneto inherits leadership over the X-Men as part of Xavier's last will and testament and does his best to follow in his rival's footsteps and use diplomacy instead of force to fight for mutant rights. Despite his best efforts, however, the hatred of humanity pushes him over the edge.

Magneto bears witness to the destruction of the mutant nation of Genosha, in which countless mutants are slaughtered as part of the machinations of Bastion, a human-Sentinel hybrid who's gone to great lengths to eradicate humans. This, combined with Bastion's further plans to activate human Sentinel throughout the world, pushes Magneto back to his old ways as he attempts to conquer humanity.

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The X-Men, led once again by Xavier who is revealed to be alive, stand against him once more as they plead for Magneto to end his rampage.

It's here that we return to Wolverine's dilemma. Amid their conflict, Wolverine manages to literally stab Magneto in the back with his adamantium claws. However, Magneto isn't holding back anymore by now. Using his mastery of magnetism, Magneto rips the invincible metal from Logan's very skeleton, injuring him severely.

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Wolverine will likely survive the devastating blow thanks to his healing factor. However, his metal bones have been reverted back to their original state. Longtime fans will know that Wolverine originally had a normal skeleton to go along with his mutant abilities, but he underwent an incredibly painful experiment during the Weapon X program that grafted the metal onto his bones. He's still a formidable fighter, but he's become more iconic with his adamantium skeleton than without.

That said, how could he return to his adamantium-infused state in X-Men '97? Well, considering how much that the show has adapted from the comics thus far, it could very well follow the storyline already laid out in the source material.

Sometime after being reverted to his regular bone claws, he falls into the hands of the god-like mutant Apocalypse. He is made to fight his rival Sabertooth, who has been outfitted with an adamantium skeleton of his own.

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After an immense struggle, he manages to defeat Sabertooth despite his advantage. Following his victory, Apocalypse places the two of them in a giant machine and transfers Sabertooth's adamantium over to Wolverine. Apocalypse puts a twist on this newly gifted adamantium, though, and uses the opportunity to brainwash Wolverine into becoming one of his Horsemen.

With Apocalypse being a major villain in the X-Men animated series, it's likely that Logan's '97 counterpart will undergo a similar journey.

X-Men '97 is currently streaming on Disney Plus.

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