Even New Gamers Won't Need Too Long to Complete 'It Takes Two'

'It Takes Two' is a unique collaborative experience now hitting the Switch, but how many chapters are in the game? How long will it take to complete?

Sara Belcher - Author

Sep. 14 2022, Published 3:53 p.m. ET

'It Takes Two'
Source: Hazelight Studios

Cody and May's marriage is on the rocks -- but it won't be for much longer, if their daughter has anything to say about it. It Takes Two, the collaborative title that took home the Game of the Year award in 2021, has given those who enjoy a good co-op title a unique collaborative experience as they take on one of the two quarreling partners after they're turned into their daughter's toys, forced to work together to return back to normal.

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The game is now officially coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year, letting even more players work with a friend of loved one through Cody and May's crumbling marriage. Thankfully, the title has chapters, giving players natural stopping points to walk away when needed -- but how many chapters does It Takes Two have?

'It Takes Two'
Source: Hazelight Studios
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How many chapters are in 'It Takes Two'?

In total, there are seven chapters for players to work through with their co-player. Each of these chapters brings out a new set of mechanics and tools for the players to use to their advantage to work through the puzzles presented to them.

While none of these chapters are particularly long, if you're a completionist, you'll want to take your time with them to uncover all of the different Easter eggs hidden around them.

The seven chapters for players to complete in It Takes Two are:

  • The Shed
  • The Tree
  • Rose’s Room
  • Cuckoo Clock
  • Snow Globe
  • The Garden
  • The Attic

Again, most of these levels won't take more than a couple of hours to complete a piece, depending on how quickly you and your partner work through the puzzles together.

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How long does it take to complete the game?

Again, how fast you complete It Takes Two will depend heavily on how quickly you and your partner work through the puzzles together. As Cody and Mary each have pretty different gameplay mechanics from each other, some players have found that they need to switch off between different chapters to efficiently complete the problems presented to them.

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That being said, the game takes around 14 hours to complete overall -- though if you're someone who spends a lot of time searching for all of the little secrets hidden in the game, or you're playing with a relatively new gamer, then this title may take you a bit longer than that.

Throughout the seven chapters, there are 25 different minigames for you to unlock and play with your partner. These alone can easily take up hours of play time, especially if you're a particularly competitive person.

If you and your partner are seasoned gamers, though, and just looking to play through the game for the story, it likely won't take you more than 10 to 11 hours to complete. While this means you may miss some of the hidden Easter eggs and mini games, it'll just give you more of a reason to replay the title -- and switch off characters with your Player 2.

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